CTP2024-DC-02 - Juniper CTP2024 Circuit to Packet Platform Router - Refurb'd

Juniper Networks

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Manufacturer: Juniper Networks
Manufacturer Part #: CTP2024-DC-02
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Juniper Networks CTP Series Circuit to Packet Platforms provide the advanced technology and features required to reliably transport time-division multiplexing and other circuit based applications across next generation IP/MPLS networks. The CTP Series has the field proven flexibility, performance and reliability required for circuit applications. The CTP Series technology includes many advanced clocking options and per-circuit buffers to enable end-to-end timing and the removal of jitter to create a psuedowire across the IP/MPLS network. The CTP Series enables customers to connect digital and analog voice applications easily and reliably across the IP network using circuit emulation over IP, bringing them the advantages of converged multiservice IP networking without the complexities and cost of upgrades required for VoIP. The CTP Series bridges the legacy and IP world and provides many unique features that enable cost reduction by eliminating point-to-point circuits and convergence of all applications onto one IP/MPLS network.

Juniper CTP2024 Series Circuit to Packet Platform is a 2 RU rack mountable chassis that supports up to 24 circuit emulation interfaces. The chassis includes the option for redundant power.