CS-DESK-MM-K9 - Cisco Webex Desk Collaboration Device, 24 Inch, First Light, Made in Mexico - Refurb'd



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Manufacturer: Cisco
Manufacturer Part #: CS-DESK-MM-K9
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Cisco Webex Desk Collaborative Endpoint - Made in Mexico Special Edition in First Light standard color - 24-inch, 1080p, anti-glare touch display - 64-degree FOV 8MP camera - High-quality full-band audio, Dynamic four-microphone array - Desk stand included

The Webex Desk is the all-in-one collaboration and productivity device for your desk--at home, in the office, or in a shared space. It is purpose-built for collaborating, whether you're in a meeting, sharing your laptop screen, or brainstorming with a teammate. The Webex Desk device features a 24-inch, interactive 1080p display, 64-degree 8MP camera, full-range speaker, and a mic array with AI-powered background noise removal.

This powerful device creates a clutter-free desk space, enabling you to be organized and productive. Manage your workday with dynamic layouts and custom views, take the strain off your laptop, and optimize your meetings--all from a single system. Meet without distractions or background noise. Rock a presentation with immersive sharing. Co-create with digital whiteboarding and live content annotations.

Easy setup and management capabilities allow customers to deploy and support thousands of devices at once. And with Control Hub you'll gain insight into environmental health and device usage with the ability to triage issues from anywhere.