CS-BRD75P-ND-K9 - Cisco Webex Board Pro 75 Collaboration Device, Non Radar - Refurb'd



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Manufacturer: Cisco
Manufacturer Part #: CS-BRD75P-ND-K9
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Cisco Webex Board Pro 75 Collaboration Device - Non Radar Video Conferencing Unit - Multi-touch 75 Inch 4K LED display - Dual 4K, 12MP camera, 5x manual zoom, 3x digital zoom via SpeakerTrack (Main Camera: 85° horizontal field of view, 64° vertical field of view / Wultra-Wide Camera: 120° horizontal field of view, 90° vertical field of view) - 12 element second generation microphone array - Integrated speakers and woofer- Flexible mounting and wheel-stand options

The Webex Board Pro helps your teams collaborate in a variety of meeting spaces and connect with remote members to become more productive. The Board Pro draws its power from the Webex platform, runs on RoomOS, and is fully optimized for Webex for the best collaboration experience.

At the same time, the Board Pro brings you optionality by seamlessly working together with your most common third-party meeting apps and productivity tools without the need to switch between devices and solutions. It can securely work with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and other external meeting solutions with the same best-of-breed experience via one-button-to-push web apps powered by unparalleled interoperability behind the scenes to take the stress out of getting connected. More exclusively, it allows you to effortlessly pair your laptop with Webex Board Pro, extending your portable device into a large studio and bringing your go-to applications to life on an intuitive touchscreen display while leveraging advanced room, camera, and collaboration intelligence.

The solution securely connects to your virtual teams through the Webex cloud service, via your Webex App or Webex App-enabled devices, so you can create a truly integrated and seamless collaboration environment. Register the touch board, either on your premises or to the Webex cloud service to store everything created on the Board Pro directly in the cloud. You can then associate it to a virtual Webex App space so your team can stay connected and get work done anywhere.