FPR9K-NM-4X40G - Cisco Firepower 9300 Network Module, 4 QSFP+ Ports - Refurb'd



Manufacturer: Cisco
Manufacturer Part #: FPR9K-NM-4X40G
Availability: Stock Available - May Be Limited

Cisco FirePower 9300 Network Module - 4 x Gigabit Ethernet Quad SFP+ Ports - single-wide module that supports hot swapping - NEBS-compliant

The FirePower 9300 contains two network module slots that provide optical or electrical network interfaces. Network modules are optional, removable I/O modules that provide either additional ports or different interface types (1/10/40/100 Gb).

The FirePower network modules plug into the chassis on the front panel. You can also remove the divider between the two network module slots and insert a double-wide network module.